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28 Jun

TreeHuggers, Sinners, Believers and Freaks!

Thank you so much for the continued support and devotion to Neon Trees. We are extremely excited to be out on the road and the shows have been some of our best ever so far. Its time to officially BANG THE GONG and bust into your city throughout the summer.

The tickets will be cheap, the rooms will be packed, the merch will be fresh and we have more songs to sing for you than previous tours. A couple other things of note, to celebrate our upcoming The Bang The Gong Tour, we are giving away MP3s from Civil Twilight, Paper Tongues and us!

In exchange for one tour tweet, you can get an MP3 (at no cost to you) from each band including an exclusive”Animal” Yes Giantess Remix, a live version of “Letters From The Sky” by Civil Twilight and “Everybody” by Paper Tongues” DOWNLOAD NOW!

After you download your tracks, you can enter for a chance to win a prize pack with select merch from each band including the Habits LP, the “Letters From The Sky” 7″ with B-side of Massive Attack’s “Teardrop,” and a Paper Tongues Exclusive package including a custom skate deck!

Come hang at Lollapalooza!

We are playing at Lollapalooza and Express is giving you a chance to win a trip to come see us!

Thank You again with all love and sincerity I can give. See you this summer, and for some of you, very very soon!