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21 May


The tour has kept going UP UP UP, which makes me happy. All of us in the different bands are starting to gel, and I have nothing but cool things to say about both MuteMath and 30STM.

It’s been fun to feel love form the new cities we play, especially as more people hear “Animal” and buy the record. I can tell it’s reaching more people because each show gets louder with people singing along.

New Jersey really blew me away, we were able to play a longer set and the theatre was beautiful and kind of intimate. We did a really great version of State Trooper by Bruce Springsteen in a nod to Jersey, and I loved the feeling of the crowd.

Philadelphia was a massive highlight for me as well! The loudest city I’d heard sing along to Sins of My Youth, it was like we were all together strangers uniting and screaming this “prayer” out. It inspired me and re-reminded me that music makes people feel and changes entire rooms!

Jared need some time off to rest his voice, so we had to miss Charlotte North Carolina, a city I was looking forward to getting back too.

But it actually made it very apparent that we all needed a couple days to recoup. I got to fly early to Miami and soak in the beauty of the ocean. It felt like a vacation get away, even if it was just two days. What was even more rewarding was the incredible show Miami turned out to be. Jeeze! Who knew Miami had such a rabid rock crowd?

I think both Florida shows in fact stick out as really memorable times on this tour. Orlando was packed to the brim before we even went on, and everyone was so into the music, it was truly exciting.

I’m really enjoying the time out here, the things I’m learning as a performer and the feeling I get when I sing to crowds of new people every night.

I remember those faces that sing a long and smile, I truly do, and it means so much to me and us. Thank you to the 30STM fans and the Mute Math fans and all of our new fans that come out to these shows and give us energy to do what we love!

I can’t wait to see Salt Lake City and play for that home crowd, and also the west coast shows!