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21 Jul

Timeflies Releases Official Video for “Worse Things Than Love” ft. Natalie La Rose on Teen Vogue

Timeflies released their official video for the song of the summer, “Worse Things Than Love” ft. Natalie La Rose, today on Teen Vogue!

However, the duo joined fans last night in Times Square for the first live premiere of the video!

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 2.52.36 PM

(Photo: Andy Deluca @shmandeluca)

The video features dogwalker Cal, alongside some adorable puppies, running through the streets of New York trying to chase down his mystery girl. While Rob keeps up the fun pop beats, Natalie La Rose makes an appearance on her catchy verse. Timeflies and Natalie La Rose take fans on a summer fun journey and show that there really are “Worse Things Than Love.”

Watch the video below!

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