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26 Jun

The Killers Discuss New Album with Entertainment Weekly

After releasing their stunning new single, The Killers sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss their forthcoming album. Titled ‘Wonderful, Wonderful,’ the album is set for release in the fall. Read an excerpt below, and find the full feature (complete with a preview of a few tracks) here.

“Lyrically, the new songs grapple with what it means to be a man. “In your head it’s about being tough and bringing home the bacon, but what I’ve come to find is it’s really more about empathy and compassion,” says Flowers, now 36. So on the pulse-spiking “Tyson vs. Douglas,” named for the 1990 boxing match that saw then-champion Mike Tyson lose to Buster Douglas in a shocking upset, Flowers explores what it’s like to watch a hero fall. As the father of three boys, it’s a subject that hits close to home. “Right now,” he says, “to a 9-year-old, a 7-year-old, and a 6-year-old at home, I’m Mike Tyson — and I don’t want to go down.”

As the band puts the finishing touches on the album, they’re gearing up for another challenge: learning to play the new songs live for festival dates later this year. Compared with the tricky task of writing an album, it’s one they’re looking forward to. “You make these songs, you work on them, you get them right, and when you go out and do them?” Vannucci says. “It’s a celebration.”
The Killers EW

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