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14 Apr

The future lives or what are you doing

Hello interweb,

You may have asked yourselves lately “what are Neon Trees up to?” We have been in California working on the material for our debut record. In our down time some of us have been pricing sex change operations and meeting new people via craigslist classifieds on dark streets. We played a great sold out show at The Troubadour, it was so LA, with drama and all. Our friend Tim’s guitars got stolen (sorry Tim), we found the perfect 24 hr donut shop in Burbank. The songs are coming together and blowing our minds. we have been meeting some rad people and maybe even the producer of our rock n roll masterpiece.

That was branden, and he’s so nice and glittery.
let’s get into the real nitty gritty.
This is tyler now, and i just wanna say that bizza lou got a haircut to blow minds and hearts. let’s just shift this entire blog to be about what is happening on this mans head.


Edward Cullen, Move over.

Neon Trees says PREACH.