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25 Mar

SXSW 2011 Recap

Last week we went to Austin, hung out with some of artists, old friends and made new ones!

Here is a recap with some pictures of what I remember the whole week is sort of a blur!

– Rocked out in a Church with Neon Trees and saw them at least 5 more times (I’ve lost count)
– Ran into old friends Matt & Kim
– Partied with Ellie Goulding on a rooftop
– Walked by Moby, actually Moby walked by me
– Watched Mona kill it time after time after time after time
– Went to a Big KRIT show sometime after 3am on the other side of town
– Had a moment with Yoko Ono
– Had Mexican food with Noah and The Whale, Chapel Club, Kerli, Mona, Electric Touch, The Airborne Toxic Event and Mann in a 2 hour period.
– Played football with Mona at the Power Plant
– Made a Waffle in the shape of the state of Texas
– Witnessed Pete Wentz give a hand out to a homeless person
– Spotted posters of Electric Touch at pretty much every single wall
– Ate at least 5 times a day, either BBQ or Mexican food
– Saw The Bravery rock Stubbs
– Got to sneak in to see Duran Duran by working my charm
– Made a new friend named Comet (he is blonde and has 4 legs)

Mona 6

Mona 4

Mona 2

Black Cards 4

Black Cards 2

Black Cards 1