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30 Sep

Special Announcement

Hello Maniacs,

Tyler here giving you an update! We are as bummed as anyone can be that most of the rest of the tour has been cancelled. It totally blows that we cant play for you like we’d hoped, but alas it is out of our hands and we support our friends 30 Seconds to Mars decision. Just know we seriously seriously love the midwest, especially repeat cities we couldn’t wait to get back to like Columbus and Cleveland, and new cities like Indianapolis and Kent! Its a drag!

Because of our debacle at the airport with flight cancellations and missing the Kingsville Texas show, we knew that the Oklahoma City show would be a no go since all of the dates after were cancelled, therefore we are now stuck in limbo.

However, it’s important you all know that the shows starting October 15 in Tampa, FL are still very much on, including some headlining dates after Florida:

Shows with 30 Seconds To Mars
Oct 15 Tampa, FL University of South Florida
Oct 16 Pensacola, FL DeLuna Festival

Headline Shows
Oct 19 Orlando, FL The Social
Oct 20 Tallahassee, FL Potbellys
Oct 21 Birmingham, AL Work Play Theater

Radio Shows
Oct 23 Houston, TX KTBZ Buzzfest
Oct 30 WRXP Halloween Show w/ Devo @ Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY

You all must come see us and party with us live, we love to play for you and want to meet you all.

Also exciting news to those of you in the UK, we will be playing a few shows over seas early part of November with our friends Foxy Shazam. Then we will back out on a headlining run, and we are taking two bands along with us that we know you will love.

So all is not lost, but we will for sure be mourning the loss of the rock and roll that was to be had.