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22 Dec


For today’s stocking filler Nathan, Jonny & Pablo have picked out thier favourite albums of the last 12 months, check them out below as well as track from each of the albums.

Nathan: Richard Hawley – ‘Standing at the Sky’s Edge’

Love this album. Great songs and thrilling guitars. Sophisticated and beautifully noisy.

Pablo: Grizzly Bear- ‘Shields’

Because it is the best musicianship of any album this year and the best harmonies since the beach boys.

Jonny Quinn: 1) Here We Go Magic – ‘A Different Ship’

Biased choice as they are signed to our label Polar Patrol. Hey, we signed it ’cause it’s a belter!

It’s something of beauty, with songs like ‘How Do I Know’ hypnotic sexiness and the utterly sublime ‘Over the Ocean’.Already in Q mag and Fly top 50 of the year. It’s a must have! Also check out ‘hands in the sky ‘EP i’ve played this song 100 times and will play a 100 more. This song came from another world.

2) First Aid Kit ‘The Lion’s Roar’

As a fan of alt country , i wasn’t expecting this from Sweden. On stand out track ‘Emmylou’ when the Sodergberg sisters sing ‘i’ll be your Emmylou i’ll be your June and you’ll be my Gram and Johnny too’ Ok i will then! Just you watch!

3) Django Django

The new Beta Band. Fantastic physcadelic pop on this record. Full of melody and layered harmonies. Great record start to finnish. I get the idea they had a lot of fun recording this. Default is a stand out. Check out the Twitch Optimo remix.

4) Grimes ‘Visions’

‘Genesis’ could have been on the Drive soundtrack. ‘Obilivion’ Clever electronica that feels fresh. Claire Boucher (Grimes) is bonkers and we need bonkers!

5) Polica ‘Give you the ghost”

Dark Electronica with haunting beautiful vocals. I believe the songs so the auto tune effect is allowed!