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22 Mar

Shawn Mendes Covers New Issue of Notion Magazine

Shawn Mendes is the third of four covers to be revealed for Notion Magazine’s 72nd issue. The teen superstar, whose hits include the chart-topping “Stitches,” talks exclusively about his music, growing up and what it feels like to be number one on the charts. “As a songwriter, you’re trying to find the strongest emotion, and love is the strongest emotion,” Shawn told Notion in an exclusive interview. “A lot of the time it’s just like writing a story, it feels very easy and nice and fun to come up with a love story or a heartbreak story, it feels very natural, y’know? You have to really get into the detail to find the right fit for the song…. All you wanna do as a songwriter is just be very relatable, so it’s a super relatable album.”

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