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12 May

Pictures! Photos! Snaps! has em all. There are tons and tons and tons of recent live shots of FOB from the Believers Never Die Part Deux tour up on the site, thanks to some very talented FOEtographers. Here’s your chance to relive your BND experience and remember that time when the guys came out in those costumes and sang those songs you love so much. So, have fun with that.

Also, while we’re on topic & talking about the BND tour & pics, FOE also has some M&G pictures for ya. Over the next 5 days they’ll be uploading tonsssss of pictures from all the past M&Gs. There’s a bit of an issue though….there was this wacky little mix up and most of them won’t be labeled from what state the photo was taken in, SO if you could please comment them and help out, it’d be awesome. Ok that’s all I got for ya people. Keep your heads high.

XO girlbehindthecurtain