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20 Mar

Picture Show Cover Art Revealed!

Hey Maniacs,

Last night I was walking around the streets of Provo, Utah. I never get to just walk around town at night and listen to music like I used to, It seems there is never a moment to just be. But last night there was one. The snow had just fallen, the night was still and barely any cars were out.

I started listening to the mastered copy of “Picture Show”, the record we’d been working so hard on for the past chunk of our lives. I felt like I had been writing some of these songs since before “Habits” was out. Now here it was, sounding so glorious. In my ears.

I am, we are, all of us Neon Trees, are excited to release this collection of music. It’s an extremely exciting time.

Slowly over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be revealing more and more about the record. Today, it seems it’s the right time to show everyone the cover art for this piece. There is whole story to a record. Even when we don’t set out to write one, the story evolves. This cover hints at the story, and I hope you love it like we love it.

Talk soon Maniacs,