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29 Nov

Ones To Watch Q&A with Olivia O’Brien

Olivia O’Brien recently sat down with Ones To Watch to discuss her new EP, childhood struggles, touring, and more. Olivia is hitting the road with Jack & Jack once again starting tomorrow, so get ready to hear the jams from her EP ‘It’s Not That Deep’! See an excerpt from the Q&A below, and read the full interview here.

Let’s talk about the tour. How did you cross paths with Jack & Jack?

I actually used to be a fan, it was so funny. They always make fun of me, but obviously in a friendly, light-hearted way. Johnson was telling me that he was going to make their visuals from my old fan-girl DM’s, like “Oh my god, I love you!” That would have been so fucking funny. But yeah, that’s how I met them. I actually sent them “i hate u, i love u” when I released it. I DM-ed them myself, “Listen to my song!” And then one day Johnson DM-ed me, because they had followed me when I was a fan, and he said “Yo, I didn’t realize who you were, that’s crazy.”

So we started texting and becoming friends. They had parties all the time, so I would go to their house. Then they signed to Island, so that was really cool. I was happy because then we were label-mates, and having your friends on the same label is really cool. It’s just easier to do stuff when someone’s on your same label, it’s an easier connection. And they were looking for someone to go on tour with them, so I was like, “Hey!” (laughs) It was pretty easy and pretty painless.

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