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19 Dec

New FOB iPhone App

FOB just launched an iPhone application called Fall Out Boy – All Access. Version 1.0 has:

– A mobile social network (gps aware) in which Fans can locate one another, post photos from shows, chat on their walls at school, home, FOB shows or anywhere there are FOB fans
– Also get all Fall Out Boy info right in your hands with constantly updated blog, news and photos

Version 2.0 (no cost to upgrade) is coming soon with:
– An interactive Game
– Mobile Tour Tracker “Where is Fall Out Boy?”
– Ticketing purchasing
– Stronger ties with

Look out for v1.1 coming very soon. This will be the first in a long line of releases and new features!

We want your ideas to make this great so post em below!

The app will be available for $0.99 until Jan 5, 2009 when it will be $1.99.

You can get it here!