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12 Dec

New – Report Bugs Here

Hey all, now that we’ve been live for almost a full day, we’re going through the site, fixings bugs, making things easier to use etc. We’ve been going through all your comments and message board posts so we’ve got a nice list to get through, but feel free to post anything you think is off here in the comments. We’ll be pushing changes live often over the next week or so. Thanks again for your help and support with the new site launch. We want to make sure your “new” home is perfect!

PS – We had to have new login accounts (expect for the msg boards) b/c the old system is going away permanently, so we just didn’t have a choice there. The tech wizards tried everything but you know how it goes sometimes. We’re gonna do some tweaks to the boards first b/c aside from the color change, width and login system, everything else should be pretty much exactly the same. Like wordcount for instance.