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29 Sep

Neon Trees ‘Your Surrender’ Official Video Contest Winner!

First off, we have to thank everyone for submitting videos. So many cool interpretations of our song.

When we were discussing the videos, we kept to referring to one as “the wrestler”. Our band loves being unpredictable, and we never imagined having a pro wrestler type in one of our vid’s. I liked his interaction with the main characters, as a force of nature, trying to keep these kids apart. In addition, there are other characters trying to do the same. The director did this in a fun, bittersweet way, especially for what is a darker emotional pop song. In the typical balladry of love songs, it seems to always be one person addressing another. This video interprets the song as two kids collectively asking those influences around them to surrender to their (the kids) desire to be together.

Congrats to Eddie and Tyler!!