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1 Mar

MTV Music Book Club: Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees on Hole in My Life by Jack Gantos

You might not initially realize that Neon Trees‘ debut, Habits, is inspired by a young adult author’s autobiography. But the Provo, UT’s dance-inspiring first album, which comes out on Mercury/Def Jam on March 16, is culled in part from a true-life book by Jack Gantos. Singer/keyboardist Tyler Glenn (photo above, third from left) explains why he selected Gantos’ work, how it influenced Habits and why he believes music can tell a story.

Describe this book in one sentence.
It’s an autobiography written in traditional story form, about this author who, before he was an author, ended up going to jail for six years because he was involved in some crazy get rich fast drug scheme and thought his life was over but rediscovered his love for reading and writing in jail and made it a point to become a writer.

How did you first come across this book?
I was told about because I had a mentor, sort of. He’s helped out a lot of young adults and teens and it’s meant for young adults and teens. But so many adults have gravitated to it and learned a lot of from it. It’s pretty intense. I was kind of a reckless teen so I could identify with a lot of what the author was writing about.

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