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14 Aug

“Money” by The Beaches Featured in Noisey!

The team at Noisey recently sat down with The Beaches to talk all things music. The indie rock quartet from Toronto has big plans for the rest of 2017, and unveiling their new tune “Money” is just the beginning. Read a clip from the feature below, then see the full profile and the band’s video for “Money” here.

The line from a pop punk star like Lavigne being their influence to them making exciting garage rock isn’t so linear—and that’s the best part of The Beaches. Pop is so influential to genres that fall outside of it and the people who listened to those songs. “I remember when Avril Lavigne first came out [and I wanted] to do that and have a bunch of girls in a band,” says Jordan Miller. The Beaches create a glam infused gritty garage rock sound that’s best delivered with the take it or leave it attitude that comes natural to them and that makes for genuinely exciting music.” – Noisey

The Beaches Noisey

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