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24 Oct

Looks like FOB is taking another stab at a world record.

Take two! Fall Out Boy is attempting to set another Guinness World Record. This time it’s for the Most Interviews on Radio in a 24 Hour Period by a Pair of Two. Pete & Patrick are teaming up to take over the airwaves in as many stations across the fifty states in a span of 24 hrs. Their record quest will begin at 3:00am PST on October 31, at Premiere Studios in Los Angeles. The current Guinness World Record for the most radio interviews by a pair of two is currently 57 radio stations in 24 hours (completed in May 2008). I think they’ll be able to do it no probs. Just make sure you guys have lots of water anddddd maybe a bottle to pee in.

XO girlbehindthecurtain