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9 Aug

Learn More About Loote In Their Interview with The Odyssey!

Loote have a lot planned for the near future. The pop duo recently spoke with The Odyssey about their single “High Without Your Love,” their upcoming fall tour with Timeflies, and more. See an excerpt from the feature below, and read the full detailed interview here.

How did you guys meet?

Emma: I was a freshman and Jackson was a junior at SUNY Purchase when we got paired up for an assignment. It was our first assignment in our songwriting class, and our professor, who is one of the guys who discovered and developed Rihanna and actually ended up becoming our publisher, had just randomly assigned people together in the class. We found we had great chemistry and kept working together afterwards, and eventually we signed to Universal Music Publishing through that same professor.

How much do you think you’ve grown since that first song you wrote together in college?

Jackson: So, so, so much. The more you write, the better you get at it, but we developed a closer relationship in terms of aligning our goals and now it’s clear what we are trying to achieve. We both know what we’re trying to get out of this and what we’re going for, as opposed to our first time, when we just went into it. Emma and I, our minds are creatively so in sync because we’ve been working together for so long.

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