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10 Aug

Lady Gaga vs. The Strokes

Hello All-

Tyler here. Something extremely un rock n roll that I said this weekend was how great the weather in Chicago was for 2010’s Lollapalooza fest. But we couldn’t have asked for a better environment to watch rock n roll at a typically brutal summer time setting.

Our Friday was spent rubbing shoulders with our friends Foxy Shazam, new friends Semi Precious Weapons, and their friend Lady Gaga, whom we witnessed jumping into the crowd during the Weapons set. After running back stage to where we were standing she gave an accomplished smile said “it’s been sooooo long since I’ve done that.” She didn’t leave without stopping to take a photo with me, as if we were old friends (though I’ve never met her prior).

Our set followed… we played for a gnarly crowd of over 7000, all showing us their claws during “Animal,” throwing their feet in the air to “In The Next Room” and chanting along to “Sins of my Youth.” All in all, a total dream for us.

The big debate of possibly the whole weekend was Lady Gaga vs The Strokes, as both New York artists were playing at the same time on opposite ends of the park (about a 30 minutes walk btw). The sea of people watching Gaga looked like a crowd from decades prior. You don’t see crowds like that all the time, and that alone was stunning to watch. We caught most of her set from behind the stage. We saw her perform “Telephone” and give an almost drunken emotional version of “Speechless,” where she shouted out to her father in a gruff groan, “we did it Daddy, I’m a star!”

We snuck out early to make the trek to catch The Strokes play jams “Soma” and “Last Nite,” with songs from “First Impressions of Earth” sprinkled in. Julian Casablancas is a cool dork and looked like Joey Ramone.

Saturday’s fest seemed to turn adult Warped Tour as punk bands like Against Me, Gogol Bordello, AFI, Social Distortion and Green Day filled out a lot of the days stages. But it was the impromptu intimate acoustic show back in the media tent from Phoenix that was a highlight of the day.

In fact it seems our most memorable moments of the festival so far have been the ones that weren’t planned. A suggestion to next years festival patrons….throw away the schedule and get lost in the surroundings of Grant Park’s rock n roll.