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5 Jun

Kiesza Featured as MTV’s Push Artist of the Month

Kiesza is the #MTVPUSH artist this month. Check out the first interview!


“Kiesza is just 25, but she’s already experienced more than many of us do in a lifetime. Born in Calgary, Canada, and now based in New York, she’s a trained ballerina, she spent her teenage years in the Royal Canadian Navy and such a keen shot, the Army tried to recruit her as a sniper! And now, as MTV’s PUSH artist for June 2014, she’s on the brink of major music stardom.

The electro-pop singer songwriter’s debut single, ‘Hideaway’, is packed with deep house grooves and shimmering soulful melodies, reflecting a hybrid of musical influences. It bowed at #1 on the UK singles chart in April. This former queen of the high seas is now plotting a course to the epicentre of pop. In 2014 her voyage is just beginning, and everyone is welcome along for the ride. Stay tuned all month for MTV PUSH exclusives introducing Kiesza plus a live performance of ‘Hideaway’!”