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25 Sep

iTunes Complete My Album Information for Folie a Deux Album Purchase

Fall Out Boy + iTunes give you COMPLETE MY ALBUM (CMA)

Here’s how it works – if you buy any music or video from the new Fall OutBoy album, Folie a Deux, before the album is available for sale you’ll savethat amount off the cost of the album’s original cost of $9.99.


Here are some examples

– Buy “I Don’t Care” song = $.99 off album cost at iTunes
– Buy “I Don’t Care” video = $1.49 off album cost at iTunes
– Buy other songs we MAY release before album release date and you’ll get
$.99 more off of the album price for each.

let’s say you buy four songs off the album before it is released and one

Total original album cost =$9.99

I Don’t Care song = $.99

I Don’t Care video = $1.49

Song 2 = $.99

Song 3 = $.99

Song 4 = $.99

Total cost of songs and video $5.45

Updated album cost $4.54 ($9.99 – $5.45)

(You don’t have to buy everything we put up to get your discount – if you only want to buy one song before the album is released you still get .99 cents off the price of the album – $8.99)

We apologize for all the math. We weren’t good in school either. The bottomline is you will not have to buy songs twice!

Steve Jobs from Apple explains it better here

Thank you for your continued support!