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12 Aug

Island 50 Trivia

Make sure to follow Island Records on twitter @IslandRecords for weekly Island 50th trivia.

We will be asking Island Records 50th anniversary trivia questions!
The first 10 people to answer correctly will be entered to win an Island50 prize pack.
We will have a winner every week!

To Enter just RT and Reply @IslandRecords with the answer.

#1. What’s Bob Marley’s middle name?
#2. Lionel Richie was the lead singer and saxophonist of what hit group in the 70’s?
#3 Island founder Chris Blackwell called what artist “the cornerstone of Island Records”?

Don’t forget to get your Island 50 Wallpaper on your phone by texting “Island50” to 66937.

*We will be picking random winners. You will receive a DM on twitter if you are chosen.