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25 Jul


We loved and enjoyed our stay in Jakarta, Indonesia, and were blown away by the kindness and generosity of the local crew, fans, all involved with Java Rockin’ Land Festival, and the people of the city.

It was brought to our attention through various media outlets that we, along with other bands who promote a healthy lifestyle, were under fire for playing the Java Rockin’ Land event, which had a large tobacco company promoting the three day festival.

We in Neon Trees individually do not partake of cigarettes, alcohol or drugs, and yes, we will make our opinions known when asked or briefed on these topics.
Our decision to play the festival had everything to do with playing for the fans that had paid money to see us, not with supporting a tobacco company by our participation in the event. We also felt that our presence and stance on tobacco would be better received in-person, where we announced at the end of our set that the proceeds that we would be making for the event would go to The Indonesian Cancer fund.

We did not feel it was appropriate to boycott a culture because of beliefs, norms or social customs, and we respect all of our fans’ individual choices for their own lives. We hope our message of donating our cut from playing the festival is a clear indicator to any doubter that we did not play the event to gain funds off of a tobacco sponsor. We also welcome this opportunity to talk about the issues surrounding the tobacco industry, as well as the health risks associated with smoking.

We appreciate those that stood by us as we made this decision. We hope that the Indonesian Cancer fund can benefit from this donation.

Neon Trees