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7 Apr

Incubus just released the official video for Nimble Bastard!

Incubus just released the official video for “Nimble Bastard.” The video premiered on ‘Consequence of Sound’ today. The premiere includes an interview with the band outlining their inspirations for their upcoming album 8, which “Nimble Bastard” is the leading single off of, among other things. Incubus tells Consequence of Sound regarding the video “We take our music very seriously…but we don’t take ourselves very seriously at all in this band…Originally it was going to be serious, but then we started to brainstorm with the director, James Larese, and having a laugh when jokingly I said something like, “What if there was this evil band of french bulldogs [puts on menacing voice] trying to destroy Incubus!” He got a little spark in his eye and somehow that’s the video we made.” Check out the full article and video here.



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