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30 Nov

Gifts for you on iTunes from Neon Trees!

Maniacs, believers and crazies alike!

Welcome to the holidays. Are you totally in a spin already? I hope all of you stayed clear of Black Friday and chose to save. I just had my birthday and I get to play a show as we continue to Tour forever. I am most happy when performing, so lets go nuts today.

I wanted to tell you all that our Christmas jam is called WISHLIST and it’s available on r ight now as iTunes single of the week!

Also another special treat, our Live From the Apple Store in SoHo album is available now at iTunes as well. If you all are fans of our acoustic sets, this is the mother of our acoustic sets, and it sounds RAD!

And for those apple lovers we have another treat, we have our very own Neon Trees iPhone/iPad/iPhone app where you can Animalize yourself! Get yours here!

thank you all for the crazy support and we will see you at a show soon!!!!