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16 Dec

Folie A Deux is finally here – and lots more

Wow, it’s an exciting day, so much going on!

It seems like forever, but you guys were patient (for the most part – even if it took sitting on your hands to not click “download” when it leaked) and it’s finally here. Hope you all got & are enjoying your copy of Folie A Deux. I am. Get Folie a Deux at iTunes if you haven’t yet and don’t forget about the iTunes Complete my Album feature if you bought some tracks from FAD already!.

The show from the Chicago Theatre will air tonight, December 16, at 9PM EST/8 Central. Check your local listings for channel #’s and stuff.

Anyone who preordered FAD from GoMerch was able to submit an idea for their ideal Golden Ticket prize – “The Write-In Vote”. We’ve picked the top 10 unique ideas and now it’s up to you guys to vote on the winner – vote here!

The crew at Amazon got their hands on a collectors edition of FAD that is limited to just 1,000 copies worldwide. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. It features an 8-panel softpak case, includes a special locker-sized poster printed on 100% recycled paper, and is packaged in a special seeded envelope that will grow flowers when planted. See photos and buy it here.

– thegirlbehindthecurtain