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5 May


It is a seriously giant planet that we live on.

So much bigger than anyone considers.

Bigger than your scene, bigger than your school and bigger than the block you party on.

What have you done lately?

You aren’t getting ANYWHERE in your drug circles and your weekend parties.

You aren’t going anywhere but the same place you’ve been for years.

Your dreams are laced in drugs.

When were you born, and what have you done since?

I won’t apologize for having success and listening to my spirit.

Don’t talk to me now because you think I can help you.

If you didn’t talk to me before, don’t start.

I am not famous or in a famous band.

I eat more than lettuce and tofu. You sound stupid, uncultured and small when you make fun of me for being Vegan. I am not doing it because i am hip. I am doing it because I used to be a fat kid with no confidence.

I respect true artists that own their shit and stick with it and hustle it.

Those of you that blow hot air about me or my band doing something with our lives are jealous and narrow. Untalented and Invisible.

These are people that i consider famous:

Do you even know my musical crew?

Does anyone know Branden Campbell?

This dude walks all over and around all y’all with his cred, and you don’t know shit about him.

This dude hustles so hard he should have his own planet by now. He has the most shiny gold heart around.

He represents like no other before him. His kids are going to so influential on society one day you may not be able to handle it. His wife basically invented the term deep cuts. She knows more about your favorite new wave band or your favorite Neil Young record than you will ever know. The Campbells are building an empire.

Did you know Elaine Doty is tougher than you, more feminine than you and more in tune with everything that is going on around you than you ever will be? She can sing with the angels on high, and get as gnarly as a wronged mother T rex when you cross her. She is militant and agile, misunderstood and totally memorable. Deal with it.

Chris Allen is not of this world. He may confuse you, but he will make you laugh. He wants nothing but the best for anyone, sometimes putting himself in the trenches so someone else can prosper. Yeah, and he just wrote that guitar lick that you can’t fathom.

I won’t apologize for the friends I have that you don’t even recognize.

Let me tell you about the party your missing out on, the party you aren’t invited to:

Has anyone ever met Adam Hochhalter?

He is not in the new nervous. he never has been. even if you swear you have a video of him performing. Adam one day will totally conquer the world and all you winners that forget his name will remember it, and remember that you are still doing what you did years ago when you would see my party walking down the street.

Scott Shepard isn’t cruel. You don’t even know him or where he’s from. He dealt with a bi polar jagged toothed fairy witch for years, and I don’t think he regrets a minute of it because now he gets to talk about that crazy bitch for days. She makes stories that much more peppery. His band is the last band allowed to use delay and time signatures and ambient vocals. No one else is now allowed to do this.

Has anyone ever met Hans Ringger? Of course you have, that dude is so popular. But do you really know him? This guy is compassionate and honest and knows so much LDS church trivia your head would explode. He has the most honest and true belief in his faith, even in his darkest days and I am continually inspired by him. He can make a car out of toothpicks while simultaneously whipping together homemade hummus, while getting 5 girls numbers and still remembering to call you just to ask how your day was. He is that indie. He knows nature like you know your closest friend. And he is in a fine ass rock band called Shark Speed. Fine Ass.

Chance Clift knows everything about you 10 minutes before you found out, and is so eloquentand dead on when he shares his opinions, you wonder why he is not hosting some 30 minute variety show on cable. He sees the world how it is and isn’t afraid to tell you. He also plays music in his self titled project and is releasing an effort pretty dang soon.

How about Ashley Mollerup? This girl was the girl you hung out with for a time and then passed on because you thought there was someone cooler to hang out with. When you found out no one else was cooler, it was too late because she already turned you to dust.

How about Nate Pyfer? Dude is so crazy and intense, but will make your core shake with some of his songs. They are that emotionally resonant. He hustles so hard.

These people are my kind of celebrities. These people are famous.

Listen up Scene..Its not about that dj dude that used to love victim effect and now loves cut copy and spins at all the sway parties now. Its about DDVM, drinking DDVM’s and dancing at DDVM.

It’s not about pretending your LDS church mission was a two year indie vacation where you gave back to a community, it’s about owning your choices and owning no matter how you look at it, you were a mormon missionary that believed once. Where did that belief go?

Its about Muse Music and Pennyroyal. Why not support both? Yes Muse is a litlle ghetto and usually has creepy remains of the old Steamers crowd hanging around it, but hey Pennyroyal kinda smells like a hospital and needs some menu help, especially with that giant kitchen. The way I see it, they are both establishments with people behind the counters trying to hustle their art and way of life and thoughts and you must respect that.

Go to Velour Live Music Gallery all of the time, not just when it is cool night at Velour Live Music Gallery.

Stop bitching about no one coming to your show, your exhibit, your establishment and get out and hustle your party to the masses.

Neon Trees is not famous. Neon Trees works its asses off. We are nothing but people that know what they want.

We barely know the killers, we are broker than you and your band can probably get more middleschoolers in colorful clothes out to your shows.

We got a major label deal last winter, are flying to New York in two days to start our record and may or may not be crazy popular in Canada this fall. This doesn’t mean we think we are the shit. We know we are the shit. But you can know that too. Own your own shit, and blow it up. That is what will garner all of the fame and respect in the world.

You may think i am gnarly and have a dumb ass haircut and dress stupid. You may think we are trying to be cool and hip by having a girl drummer. You may hate our music and vibe and creation.

But don’t diss on us and don’t cry as we set out and complete accomplishments and achieve goals. We respect you for doing your thing, respect us for doing ours. Anyone can do what you want if you really really want it. Although our label happens to be amazingly supportive and hip to our vision and sound, It’s not about a record label. Its about living your dreams.

Stop wasting away and disintegrating into mindless, worthless, spiritless zombies. You all are dead behind the eyes, even in your hip fashions that smell of mothballs and dust, you are still totally vacant.

But it isn’t too late.

FAME IS DEAD, so create your own.