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3 Mar

Fall Out Boy has died of dysentery

Too soon? I’m only kidding. Moving on, Fall Out Boy is putting a new spin on an old classic. Sound the trumpets and get excited because is unleashing FALL OUT BOY TRAIL!!!! FOB Trail is your new favorite video game. Help Pete, Patrick, Joe and Andy play shows, defeat gossip queen Perez Hilton and hunt for tacos in this really cool and totally free game. Start playing today only at on FOE. Good luck, don’t eat all the buffalo and pray your oxen don’t become mad cows. PLAY NOW!

Oh did we mention that if you finish the game you’ll be automatically entered to win a free pair of tickets to the Believer’s Never Die Tour Part Deux Tour? Make sure you finish by March 24 because we’re going to pick winners the next day. We’ll announce them on the homepage.

And don’t forget that America’s Suitehearts is available at iTunes!

XO – girlbehindthecurtain