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9 Apr

Check Out Pete’s New Fashion Line Exclusive To Clandestine Industries And BP. Nordstrom!

Hey guys, check out Pete Wentz’s new fashion line exclusive to Clandestine Industries and BP. Nordstrom!

The styles include a bunch of fun, art-themed tops. The series of cereal box-screened tees are so awesome we’d eat them if we could! The word search hoody and tank are also among our faves; see if you can figure out what all the word jumbles actually mean.

There’s also an exclusive Fashion Documentary DVD … you can go behind the scenes and see some interview footage with Pete, see his house, meet his dog Hemingway and get a peek of his not-so-normal life. It’s good stuff. Go in store or shop the online boutique at and check it out.

Oh, and by the way, you can also visit the BP. Nordstrom MySpace page or download a Hemingway ringtone on the BP. Mobile site.