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2 Nov

Check out Bon Jovi’s People Magazine Cover!

Jon Bon Jovi is on the cover of People Magazine with a feature article. After many years of success as the front man of rock band Bon Jovi, he still manages to stay grounded. In today’s society it’s not so easy to have the best of both worlds when you’re a celebrity, but Jon manages to keep stability in his life very easily. In his featured article Jon opens up about how he keeps it all together even after all of these years. Jon tells people “You go from that life of vampires … then suddenly you’re taking the garbage out and the kids to school, going to bed at 10:30,” he describes. “It’s a dramatic change! In a perfect world you’d go to a place like astronauts and decompress for a few days before they let you out into the real world.” Check out more here.


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