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12 Apr

Check out Bishop Briggs’ Exclusive interview with Atwood Magazine!

Bishop Briggs sat down with AtWood Magazine for an exclusive interview. With her new EP coming out and her first headline tour underway this rising star has a lot to talk about. Check out the interview where bishop tells Atwood about her creative process and more! Regarding the vulnerability of her music Bishop says “I think the key is you pretend the rest of the world won’t hear it. So when I’m recording and writing, I just say to myself, “Yeah who knows if anyone will hear this, yeah maybe I won’t release it,” in that way I can be completely honest. And perhaps by the time it’s released, I am a little more comfortable with that idea. But I don’t know, I think we live in a world and really cool time in music where there doesn’t have to be this barrier between the listener and person that’s making the music. There can be this direct connection in vulnerability; I’ve been really, really enjoying that and I’ve been trying to just accept that for what it is.” Check out the full interview here


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