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21 Mar

Check Out Astrid S’ New Video for “Breathe”

Astrid S just released the music video to her new single “Breathe.” The video premiered on Noisey and features Astrid playing the most boss lady! Astrid told noisey “I’ve always thought this song was super sweet,” Astrid says. “The theme of it, the synths, the melodies. It’s a cliché song, but in a good way. I really wanted [the video] to be something different than what people would expect… My idea was originally to remake scenes from love movies like The Notebook, but then this duo—two female producers from Stockholm called Cherry Cobra—came back and were like, ‘What if we switch it up and make the most known action movie scenes.’ So that’s what we went for! [In the video], we’re remaking scenes from James Bond, from Kill Bill, from Suicide Squad—we’re traveling through centuries.” Check out the article here and the video below!

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