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26 Nov

Black Friday FAD Preorder Discounts and Treats!

We thought it would be good for everyone if we got in on the black friday action too. Soooo, there’s a couple things happening now. First, if you have pre-ordered Folie a Deux from The Super Fantastic Hair Bear Jamboree page ( by midnight EST on Friday November 28, we have a special treat that we’re going to email out to everyone the following week. You’ll be the first to see a sneak-peak of photos from _________! Also, there might be a coupon code hidden on somewhere. Maybe in the new music video section they have near a certain related video. It’s good for 20% off a FAD preorder for the first 10 folks that use the code from 12:00am est to 11:59pm est on Friday, November 28. If it doesn’t work when you try it then that means it’s already been used by ten people. And just think, if you get the coupon code and use it you’ll also get to see that sneak peak we mentioned. Two for one deal, nice. Not bad for a last minute plan. And happy turkey day to you Americans.