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2 May

Meet Bishop Briggs: The Rising Alternative Star Behind ‘River’ on Forbes!

Powerhouse vocalist Bishop Briggs recently released her debut album, titled ‘Church Of Scars,’ and we’ve had it on repeat ever since. Bishop recently spoke with Forbes about the album, her favorite artists, and so much more. You can see a quick excerpt below, but be sure to read the full feature here.

Steve Baltin of Forbes: I think because of the social and political climate you have to speak out about something. As an artist how freeing is that?

Briggs: Oh my gosh, it’s so freeing. And I think it’s also great because then you have the opportunity to use your platform as an informative thing to people that are your age, to people that aren’t your age, to people that grew up in the same area as you, for people that didn’t at all. So I think there is something very refreshing about that for sure.

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