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12 Apr

Aguilar Interviews Branden

The buzz around Neon Trees has been building for months. The Utah-based, neo-New Wave group have just released their debut album, Habits [Island/Def Jam], which is is brimming with big hooks and dancefloor rhythms. The album has met with unanimous critical acclaim including that of Blink 182’s bassist, Mark Hoppus who in the March 3rd installment of his column at declared, “Any song with bass as the lead instrument in the first verse gets my vote for super awesome”.

Bringing the 80’s-inspired funk to Neon Trees is bassist Branden Campbell. Evolking the quirky, yet thoroughly grooving styles of Duran Duran’s John Taylor or the Talking Head’s Tina Weymouth, Branden drives the album with his groovy octave lines and wicked distorted tones which change on every track. Branden finds himself in the fortunate position that his upfront parts are actually encouraged within the group; “One thing that we recognize with the band is that the bass does supports a lot of the melody”.

Branden gave us a call at HQ recently to fill us in on how he came to join the band, the creative process behind Habits and just what Aguilar gear what he used to create all of those killer bass tones.

Read the full interview here!