Upending expectations and reimagining the musical landscape itself, Grey dive beyond the  superficial surface and emerge with a signature style and sound of their own. The duo—brothers Kyle and Michael Trewartha—architect lush, layered, and lively pop by way of organic instrumentation, cinematic ambition, and a hint of neon dance-floor sheen. This approach cemented the multiplatinum Los Angeles group as a quietly influential force throughout popular music since their emergence in 2014.

To date, their catalog eclipses 1 billion Spotify streams. That growing discography spans everything from the 2017 Chameleon EP to singles such as the RIAA triple-platinum BMI Pop Award-winning “Starving” alongside Hailee Steinfeld, “Crown” with Camila Cabello for NETFLIX’s Bright Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, “I Miss You” [feat. Bahari], and the 2018 Hot 100 Top 5 smash “The Middle” with Zedd and Maren Morris. Not to mention, they continuously turn heads with their high fashion runway-ready style and neo-futuristic aesthetic. In addition to touring with Zedd, the pair have performed everywhere from Electric Zoo to The GRAMMY® Awards, The Billboard Music Awards, Ellen, and beyond.

Everything stems from a pure passion for music shared by the brothers since childhood.

“For us, music is way deeper than an accessory to identify with a social group or tribe,” exclaims Kyle. “Throughout our whole lives, when we heard certain songs, melodies, or chord progressions, they evoked this visceral emotion within us. We’re trying to get everyone to experience that same sentiment.”

In order to do so, the boys widened their sonic palette in 2018. As “The Middle” took off, they made a conscious decision to further incorporate live elements beyond their signature piano and guitar. The instrumental core remained intact. Such choices represented a clear and cohesive evolution.

“We come from a band world,” continues Kyle. “The more we got into the electronic dance music scene as DJs and producers, the more we missed playing instruments, so we gradually added as many live elements as we could into our shows.”

The 2018 single “Want You Back” [feat. LÉON] sees them confidently leap into new territory once more. A rush of piano, echoing beats, and rich orchestration, they create an inimitable and idiosyncratic soundscape augmented by samples of water and streetlights referencing direct lyrics.

‘Want You Back’ really shows the scope of our sound for the first time,” says Michael. “We were listening to LÉON a lot and thought she would fit perfectly. She ultimately did. Musically, we want to bring something weird and unique to pop. This song does that. It all felt meant to be.”

“We want people to feel how powerful music can be,” Kyle leaves off. “We hope they experience it the way we do.”

“We’ve really come into our own,” concludes Michael. “This is our identity.”